Inspired by the astonishing forms in nature, Symmetryx Natura the Lumina celebrates the invisible patterns that surround us. This collection reflects a vibrant symphony of form and structure, inspired by the timeless perfection of the golden ratio, the simplicity of platonic solids,

This work originated as my graduation project at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU), a tribute to the harmony between mathematics and nature. Each piece in Symmetryx Natura the Lumina embodies the expression of my fascination with the perfect balance between the mathematical essence and the organic beauty of nature.

In each piece, light and geometry weave a interplay of layering and repetition, revealing a story that goes beyond the visible. This collection aims to unveil the hidden wonders of nature through an enchanting fusion of ancient mathematical language and the marvelous beauty of our existence.

Symmetryx Natura the Lumina is more than just light objects; it is an ode to symmetry.


The Natura




The journey of Symmetryx Natura the Lumina commenced with the creation of the KLDSCP-Polyhedron, a fusion of mathematics and reflective art. The term “KLDSCP” reflects our quest for captivating reflections in polished stainless steel.

At its core, the KLDSCP-Polyhedron encompasses the icosahedron, one of the five Platonic solids. Although these geometric structures exist in nature, they often slip by unnoticed. The icosahedron radiates with its brilliant symmetry, resembling a true mathematical masterpiece.

Deeply nestled within the icosahedron lies a dodecahedron, where the intricate kinship between these geometric forms takes shape. As relatives in the realm of polyhedra, they share an intimate mathematical connection, subtly influencing each other’s symmetry.

Crafted from fully polished stainless steel components, the KLDSCP-Polyhedron transforms into a kaleidoscopic masterpiece. Its panels, lovingly arranged in a kaleidoscopic perspective, enchantingly capture reflections, offering a visual symphony that transcends the boundaries of our usual perception.

A narrative infused with precision and artistic craftsmanship. The KLDSCP-Polyhedron invites you into a world where the harmony of geometry and the enchantment of polished stainless steel create an immersive experience.


In the captivating interplay between mathematics and nature, both the icosahedron and its relative, the truncated icosahedron, came together to create the Spiked Hexa Pentakis Truncated Icosahedron (SHPTI-G21). This perforated aluminum masterpiece, adorned with sunny yellow floral connectors, narrates a compelling tale. It’s not merely about contrasting with geometric design; it leads a visual spectacle where the sturdy structure of the material harmoniously merges with the natural, feminine grace of the floral patterns.

As sunlight dances through the perforations, casting enchanting patterns, the SHPTI-G21 transforms into a vibrant tribute to the collaboration between nature and mathematics. Each petal and spike carries a story of harmony, where the strength of the material walks hand in hand with the refined complexity of natural forms. In this enchanting fusion, the SHPTI-G21 stands as an ode to the delicate interplay between precision and organic beauty, inviting you into a world where geometry and nature embrace each other in a graceful dance.

PLUME-G21: A Triumph in Geometry and Glass

With the unveiling of PLUME-G21, I am elevating the “Mathematic Geometry” collection to new heights. This unique geometric chandelier, featuring aluminum flower connectors and panels of cut glass, has not only become a personal favorite but has also earned a prestigious design award nomination during the Milan Design Week.

The use of glass, inspired by leftover samples from my graduation project, has resulted in stunning shapes making their debut with PLUME-G21. This is just a glimpse of what the upcoming year holds, as I plan to develop more of these enchanting forms and officially incorporate them into the growing collection that will be available for sale.

PLUME-G21 dazzles with its rainbow effects, suspended gracefully on steel cables precisely aligned with the ceiling. The fusion of aluminum and cut glass creates a visual spectacle that not only stimulates the senses but also adds a new dimension to the “Mathematic Geometry” experience.

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