The floral love story

Wedding styling

The Floral Love Story

A love concept based on a little dutch wedding. 

Love story

Story telling

Love concept

This project is a collaboration with Arjan Bomekamp and his company ‘Bloemen in Breedste zin’. Arjan is Kimberly’s uncle, and when Kimberly was little, she would frequent visit her uncles custom flowerworlds. Right now Arjan travels all over the world as a creative manager and product developer, specialising in awesome and one-of-a-kind flower arrangements.

The wedding concept, as shown on the pictures, is based on a little dutch love story in a beautiful church in the small town of Schellinkhout. A lot of different flower arrangements turned this wedding in a lovely serene and intimate place to be married. Their different styles work in synch and they will be continuing the collaboration in the future.



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