Tention between




Color &


Facial shapes

Tention between

Facial shapes

Self-reflection experiment #Selfie


Tention between light, colour & facial shapes.

A personal research, in which Kimberly put herself as the main subject. 

“An art project to reflect on the past view years and the growth I’ve experienced. Finally I found it was time to take a moment and look back at all the big projects and the successes I’ve had over the years. Create a self-awareness and see my self-image as a designer.”

The work is intended to discover facial features, the shapes and contours of the face by using projection, light colours and different patterns. By removing the face from it’s original context and putting it in a new situation, image formations change, something new and unexpected happens due to the different colours and patterns.  The finished work is not a portrait as such but an arrangement characterized by colour, pattern, shape, light and texture.

These 6 photos presented are the final result of at least 40 self-portrait explorations.

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