Facial shapes

Tention between



Tention between light, colour & facial shapes.

A personal research, in which I put myself as the main subject. 

An art project to reflect on the past view years and the growth I’ve experienced. Finally I found it was time to take a moment and look back at all the big projects and the successes I’ve had over the years. Create a self-awareness and see my self-image as a designer.

The work is intended to discover facial features, the shapes and contours of the face by using projection, light colours and different patterns. By removing the face from it’s original context and putting it in a new situation, image formations change, something new and unexpected happens due to the different colours and patterns.  The finished work is not a portrait as such but an arrangement characterized by colour, pattern, shape, light and texture.

These 6 photos presented are the final result of at least 40 self-portrait explorations.


As a designer I try to push my boundaries, make discoveries and broaden my skills based on my designs and process. This makes my ‘world of design’ a great adventure and has captured the utmost of my ability at that moment in time.

I have an open mind to the outside world and I like to be inspired by my environment. I am inspired by the adventures I experience and lead every process and design to new ideas and/or concepts.

Designing is a self-expression for me, I have a strong urge to create. It is important for me to fall a little bit in love with the work. This infatuation makes the work vulnerable and the process a healthy obsession. I give my all to the design, but I maintain a critical view in which I search for my own identity within the works.

My designs have a unique edgy retro futuristic style which flows through in color and use of materials. The designs regularly have a geometric clean and a sci-fi-like appearance that emphasizes my fascination and admiration for the universe an life itself. At the moment I make extensive use of metals, which have a heavy and coarse appearance, which I like to contrast with a more feminine approach in color or design. This combination makes my work unique and I increasingly develop an identity that is recognizable to the public.

In the future I will look more often for material approaches that will be less obvious. It repeated with different materials will call for approaches in design. I am enthusiastically inspired by new adventures that I encounter along the way.

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