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Ze is van spectrale klasse Ooh, onaardse krachten (yeah). Losgebarsten toen ze naar me lachte..

The one of a kind #kaleidoscopeXXL edition, takes you on a journey into its reflections and maybe a sneak peak into the future.

Steel Art

Interactive Design


The KLDSCP-DSe is an XXL version of the retro magictube.
It’s unique seamless stainless steel mirror tube and scifi-inspired frame, gives the unit a massive futuristic body and appearance.

Looking through the tube, you’ll see compartments at the end with geometric patterned coloured discs that contain Moiré effects, dichroic and translucent colours. These discs are enclosed in the design and seal the outside of the tube. The other end of the tube contains a viewing opening. When the light falls through the different compartments, the colours and patterns reflect through the wide perspective of the tube. When this unit and the compartments are set in motion by the viewers/users, a one of a kind kaleidoscope, light and pattern effect is created.

Light and colour effects

Wide perspective


The Kaleidoscope XXL project came to life at a HKU project signed by Daniel de Bruin “make something bigger then yourself”.

Early in the project the collaboration with Rik Hermans – Hermanders started. Kimberly and Rik have worked together in the past and the pair has proven to be an interesting combination. Both have different specialties, which have brought this Kaleidoscope’s art and design project to perfection and gives a unique experience never seen before.

Thnx to Vera Geldermans for her support in this project!

Would you like to have the Kaleidoscope on your event? Please contact me for more information.

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