Inner City Design

The streets of Amersfoort city

These city play-units were developed as a concept, commissioned by the dutch municipality of Amersfoort. 

“When I walked through the city to find inspiration, using the navigation on my phone I noticed the shapes I was forming walking through the old parts of the city. I loved how the city has it’s mid-century architecture in contrast with modern architecture. Something I wanted to embrace in this project. I took parts of the old streets and shaped them into these creations”

The units were designed to create a unique interactive and playful environment for all ages. They light up and illuminate their surroundings when nightfall sets in.

urban streetmap

Play units

Pixel Boogie Woogie

The Pixel Boogie Woogie is inspired by the pioneer of abstract art: Piet Mondriaan.

Mondriaan was born in Amersfoort and his work is rooted into the city. These pixels are inspired by his famous ‘Boogie Woogie’ painting. They  represent the geometric shapes and forms it into a glowing ‘spring device’. By applying pressure by, let’s say, sitting on, the led-lighting lights up, and by moving and playing with the unit, the colours and intensity will change. The dynamic Pixels can be linked and create a lifelike Mondriaan painting in the middle of the city.

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