9 May 2022

Yes! The tickets are booked! The transport has been arranged, now we just have to wait for the last parts to be produced and delivered ASAP. It was a long search for the right suppliers  who could produce the parts I developed for the jewel of the “Mathematic Geometry” collection “PLUME-G21”. After many concessions and technical adjustments, the last crucial parts are on their way. This is very exciting and it will be a race against time! It is not a simple matter, such an exhibition at the international level. But I am really looking forward to it! And i am even more excited to show you guys the reveille of “Plume-G21” But until then, the project remains a bit of a secret.

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April 2022


This year I started stronger than ever and now I’m facing one of the biggest challenges of my career (so far). Help me take Milan Design Week 2022 by storm with my graduation work Mathematic Geometry. Since my graduation, I have achieved many goals that until recently seemed unreachable, and my works have gained more and more attention. I started this year stronger than ever, after Dutch Design Week, I was honoured to organise my first solo exhibition in Amsterdam Jordaan, I will soon get the key to my own workshop, and as the icing on the cake, Milan Design Week is now approaching.

Milan is my first major exhibition internationally and the most challenging so far. The exhibition in Milan will be a new milestone. It is the step to the future and pushes my graduation work towards new developments and material versions.

This location requires more organisation, more professionality and more manpower. The preparations have started, the plans are ambitious, and I am full of enthusiasm for these challenges, but I need your help to realise my goals. That is the reason for a crowdfunding campaign.

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