Kimberly Leijen


Medemblik (NL) based designer Kimberly Leijen recently graduated her Bachelor of Product Design at the University of the Arts HKU Utrecht (NL) with Honours. This study is a follow up, as she already graduated from Styling & Design – In & Outdoor styling in 2017.

Kimberly has a deep-rooted curiosity for everything out of the ordinary, explored trough a research-oriented and an experimental approach. Her creative process is strongly influenced by material, color and form contrast.

Her design style was originate by a functional position as creative director at multiple festivals, where Kimberly in her habitat managed to build up a technical and interactive view. These experiences and enthusiasm can be found in her designs which carry a retro futuristic approach. Her dynamic body of work includes, product design, event design and installations.

Thanks to her studies, she has had the space to make discoveries and develop her own identity and working process. She describes her unique style as colourful, futuristic and edgy in material and design. Currently, she works mainly with metal, in which she says she has managed to establish her identity. Her creative process is strongly influenced by geometry, light, material and colour contrasts. With her background in the events industry, Kimberly is now developing herself more towards interior design. Whereby the designs get a more refined and professional look.

Her vibrant creative enterprise SHOWOFF DESIGN is driven by all that is adventurous. From her small studio she works out her ideas and creations where each new idea of the process leads to a different concept of plan.

If you want to know more about Kimberly, please feel free to contact her!

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