Kimberly Leijen


Running things at Showoff: Kimberly Leijen
A 3rd year student ‘Product Design’ at the University of the Arts at Utrecht, The Netherlands.
This study is a follow up, as she already graduated her ‘Styling & Design – In & Outdoor styling – Dynamic Design’ study in 2017.

Kimberly has a deep-rooted curiosity for everything out of the ordinary, explored trough a research-oriented and an experimental approach. Her creative process is deeply influenced by material research, light, colour and form/contrast. Her multi-disciplinary and dynamic work is characterized by creating different unique products and at the same time bringing a signature identity to her creations.

Showoff Design is driven by these interest, shown within a varied collection that includes Interior design, product design, event design, installations, inner-city design, and photography.

Awesome Clients and Collaborations

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